*  Vinyl Letters are die-cut, peel and stick type letters
  *  Custom Vinyl Letters are Pre-spaced,
        Pre-masked, Ready to apply

  *  5-7 year outdoor life sign Vinyl film
        (self adhesive)

  *  Mirror Image (option) is for adhering letters inside of widows,
       so it appears normal from outside.
*  Width comes different depends on fonts , if there is limit (space)
        please put width in inch on "Width Limit" box

YOU ARE ORDERING  3" tall Letters

Letter Count
:     (please count the letters and Characters and select the number)

TYPE YOUR TEXT:   (please double check Spelling)
                                                                  (letters cut as you type, upper,
                                                                   lower case, spacing, etc..)
FONT:     Other Font:
STYLE:      OPTION  Width Limit:

Special Instruction 1:
Special Instruction 2:
Special Instruction 3: