*  Vinyl Letters are die-cut, peel and stick type letters
  *  Custom Vinyl Letters are Pre-spaced,
        Pre-masked, Ready to apply

  *  5-7 year outdoor life sign Vinyl film
        (self adhesive)

  *  Mirror Image (option) is for adhering letters inside of widows,
       so it appears normal from outside.
*  Width comes different depends on fonts , if there is limit (space)
        please put width in inch on "Width Limit" box

YOU ARE ORDERING  11" tall Letters

Letter Count
(please count the letters and Characters and select the number)

TYPE YOUR TEXT:   (please double check Spelling)
                                                                  (letters cut as you type, upper,
                                                                   lower case, spacing, etc..)
FONT:     Other Font:
STYLE:      OPTION  Width Limit:

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Special Instruction 3: